You will feel totally Conscious


In the first 3-5 minutes you will feel enthusiastic about it. After another seven minutes you will be "badly relaxed" yawning and spacing out. The next 10 minutes will bring you to a different state of consciousness, ecstasy. The final 10 minutes, you will feel totally conscious.


Sit with a straight spine in a meditative posture.

Hand Mudra

Interlace the fingers with the palms facing the body. Touch the thumb tip to the tip of the mercury (little) finger on each hand respectively.


The mudra is held at shoulder level.


Crossed or in any meditative sitting posture.


31 Minutes


Inhale completely and repeat the mantra j as you exhale. Inhale and begin again.


The eyes are nine-tenths closed.


Inhale deeply and chant the healing mantra: RA MA DA SA! SA SAY SO HUNG! Make the SAY long and pause briefly between SA's. The mantra is chanted in a particular melody. 

Length of time

Practice for 31 minutes, then inhale, relax, breathe while stretching up for one minute.