Food is the medicine which creates essential energy in the body and creates essential rest, which creates equilibrium. That is the beauty of food. All food was considered human medicine to begin with, and to live with.

There are two types of food:

nutritious food and sustaining food. Actually a lot of food on the earth is medicine. Nutritious foods are those which allow you to help your body and give you strength. Sustaining foods are those that do the medical job for you, those that maintain your metabolism. So the basic properties of food are: Food should be nutritious and food should be sustaining. Food should also be balanced. Balanced food is that food which can get digested without drawing on your health. It should not put a strain on the body of the child or the person.

here are many different foods, but that food which sustains you will always give you more joy in life. Any food which pushes you is going to kill you. You don’t grow old by years, you grow old by food. Your sexual behavior, your personality behavior, and your communicative behavior, all are understandably very important. But the base of all that is how much you eat and what you eat.

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