Shoonya - Stillness or Zero Point Field

There is no miracle. The mind is infinite when it concentrates the magnetic energy of the psyche. 

Pure form of love

The characteristics of Shoonya are flowing, intuitive, soulful, neutral, sensual, accepting, and allowing. There is no judgment, expectation, opinion, pushing, or intellectualism. It is a pure form of love. In this state of consciousness, the Infinite is in charge and what happens is limitless.

Miracles are nurtured in the soil of Shoonya.

Shuniya is not some fancy esoteric yogic term. Yogi Bhajan was a very practical man, who gave us a useful technology for these modern, stressful times. Through meditation, we can train our minds to respond with a steady consciousness instead of reacting from fluctuating emotions. Through meditation we can reach that still point where we merge with the Infinite and create our own expansive reality. Miracles are nurtured in the soil of Shuniya.

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