Deep Relaxation
in the divine name

Medical research has shown that relaxation lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety.

Stimulates immune system cells and their functions.

This yogic technology can have many healing benefits even if used solely for relaxation.


Satnam Rasayan


Sat Nam Rasayan – by definition mean “Deep Relaxation in the divine name” or “Healing by True Identity”. Sat Nam Rasayan is traditional healing art that uses purely awareness. The healing happens in the state of Shuniya or state of transcendence, the healer has ability to access the vastness of the consciousness and healing occurs by removing the resistances.

Ancient healing.

Origin of this ancient healing art/technique dates back to thousands of years passed down from teacher to disciple in sacred silence. Yogi Bhajan transmitted this healing art to Guru Dev Singh, who has been able to create a system of teaching and made it available to anyone that wants to learn.

The Processes.

The Process involves holding a state of neutral, contemplative state of awareness and everything is noticed as a sensation. Allow the resistances to change or dissipate and continue to stay in the state of contemplative awareness. Resistances can be many things including distractions, belief systems, thoughts, conditions, limits, boundaries, ideas.

Spiritual manifestation.

Sat Nam Rasayan is the experience of the sacred space, a spiritual manifestation that cannot be defined; though it can be recognized. Neutrality is one of the characteristics of the sacred space, a neutral space means a state where we make no judgements and the experience is pure.  Sacred space of Sat Nam Rasayan has no limits, even though it is a spiritual phenomena, it can heal both acute and chronic illness. Often SNR is used to heal the entire well being of the person, it can heal variety of physical ailments, mental disorders, as well as spiritual healing.

Nothing Miraculous.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a spiritual healing and there is nothing miraculous about it. A miracle happens when natural laws are broken, In Sat Nam Rasayan, the healer simply removes the resistances in the patient/object/event and then it becomes more free. There are no boundaries or limitations to the healing process of Sat Nam Rasayan, it can be applied to any matters of the mind, body or spirit.

Awareness of your subtle body.

Sat Nam Rasayan is non-dualistic approach in it’s nature to healing and can be applied to anything, it is not a religious practice, anybody can practice it. The healing potential is limitless as the consciousness of the healer. Practicing Sat Nam Rasayan has a lot of benefits to the healer also, it increases the awareness of your subtle body, expands the capacity of your meditative mind among many others.

Feel the limitles healing potential of Satnam Rasayan.

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