Waking Up

Waking up before sunrise has profound health, emotional, psychological benefits.

Morning Rituals

Incorporate habits that set the tone for the day and positive momentum for rest of the day.


There is an entire science of shower and it is important to understand the proper procedure for taking showers, cold showers, warm showers, baths according to the health and situations in your life.


Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice, You can keep a basic format, but it is important to be consistent and constant.

Eat Healthy

Food plays a very important role in our life, our health, well being and even our spiritual progress and path. Eating according to our body type or "Doshas" is a great way to cultivate awareness and improve our health.

Daily Spiritual Practice

Along with our spiritual practice, what we do in our life also plays a significant role and it is important to create some positive habits.

Prepare for Bed

How you wake up depends on how you go to sleep, creating a proper night time rituals makes a huge difference in the quality of sleep, length of sleep as well as healing and rejuvenation during sleep.


Sleep is one of the most important aspect of our health, it is important to get adequate sleep, but not too much.

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