Practicing business in a conscious way can give you more satisfaction from your job. It will help reduce your stress and help you handle information overload. There is also something innately satisfying about acting consciously. A conscious business decision transcends right and wrong to become a righteous decision. Right and wrong are bound by rules and absolutes. Righteousness means that it is uniquely appropriate to that specific situation, at that specific time and place. This book gives you tools that will enable you to act in that righteous way at work. There is a joy that comes from being so much in the moment that you can act that way. With these tools and approaches to business you can find joy in your job, whatever it is, and increase your performance.

Way to find the righteous action

The business world is too complex and too fast paced these days to go about it unconsciously. In fact, the pace of change is so fast—and it will only get faster—that anyone at any level of business needs to have tools to sort out the facts from wishful thinking, reality from misperceptions. This book gives you those tools.

Consciousness is always the way to find the righteous action, what is uniquely appropriate, in every situation. In the world today there are less and less absolute rights or wrongs. Different things are appropriate at different times, and it is only consciousness that can tell you what is uniquely right for each situation, what is righteous for that moment in time. That is why conscious business can never be reduced to a collection of rules or guidelines.

Mental Clarity

The first thing you must have to practice business consciously is mental clarity. When you are not acting consciously, you are in some way not seeing the reality of what’s in front of you. 

Self Awareness

Once you have some level of mental clarity, the next most important attribute for a conscious businessperson is self‐awareness. Self‐awareness means having mental clarity in your view of yourself, and an understanding of your own internal workings and processes. 

Team Work

The most effective tool you can use to practice business consciously is to work in teams. Conscious teamwork is different than how most people think of teams in a business environment. 

Able to put aside your Ego

The topic of the previous chapter, balancing out your own blind spots, sounds easy and straightforward. But in practice it is very challenging. 

Respecting the Human Dignity of other People

Respecting the people with whom you work is essential to using their input to balance yourself. This characteristic is a partner to putting aside your ego. The latter has to do with your relationship with yourself. The former is your relationship with others.


To take action based on the conscious approaches we’ve already described, you need to be flexible.

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