Prakash Chegu

KRI certified Level-1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Prakash Chegu.

is a KRI certified Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor. He has a unique ability to combine two different fields and harness the benefits of both. He is an Engineering graduate specializing in Production, Manufacturing as well application of technology to Business and Management practices. Growing up in India with a traditional family, he was exposed to Mantras, Chants, Yoga at a very early age. As the approach of adolescence the keen curious mind leaned more towards only the tangible scientific belief and it was not until several years later, the same curiosity led him to Quantum Mechanics which inadvertently led him to Meditation, Chanting and ultimately back to Kundalini Yoga. He is very passionate and wanted to become a teacher to quelch his personal desire to immerse himself in the depths of this Raja Yoga.

His Dream

Prakash Chegu is a Conscious Technology Entrepreneur and has a deep desire to create an Ashram surrounded by a Bio-Dynamic Farm that feeds the community and raises the vibration of the Eco-System. He is able to derive the benefits of Kundalini Yoga into dancing Argentine Tango.

His Passion

When Prakash Chegu is not practicing Yoga, 

you can find him traveling, for business and/or pleasure, dancing Argentine Tango, 

practicing Sat Nam Rasayan, Ayurvedic 

Cooking, Farming, Rock Climbing or 


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