A key element

that distinguishes yoga.

Practice from gymnastics or calisthenics is the intentional integration of breath, posture, and movement. The essential yogic concepts that refer to these elements are beautifully expressed by a handful of coupled Sanskrit terms:
  1. Prana / Apana
  2. Sthira / Sukha
  3. Brahmana / Langhana 
  4. Sukha / Sukha

To understand these terms, we must understand how they were derived in the rest place: by looking at the most fundamental functional units of life. We will de ne them as we go along.To grasp the core principles of both yoga and anatomy, we will need to reach back to the evolutionary and intrauterine origins of our lives. Whether we look at the simplest single-celled organisms or our own beginnings as newly conceived beings, we will and the basis for the key yogic metaphors that relate to all life and that illuminate the structure and function of our thinking, breathing, moving human bodies.

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