Uttar Kriya

  1. Open up the Chest Cavity – 11 mins
    1. Sit tall
    2. Root Lock, light Neck Lock
    3. Eyes ( not mentioned)
    4.  Bring your elbows by your side, arms open infront at 60 degrees, rotate the entire arms in backward direction very fast and and the momentum should take you about 6 inches higher than you started, bring it to the starting position and repeat this process.
    5. Play Tantric Har
    6. Hands right over left – 3 mins
      1. Navel in,
      2. Close eyes
      3. To end move left (Inhale) exhale right x 3
    7. 11 mins or 3 mins can make a dead person come alive, sit in Balance and Meditate, Bring energy from the Navel Point, very long deep breathing. Your Navel point is the connection to your mother, where you lived without breathing. So you can extend your life by just pulling it in.