To clap the hands has been always a manifestation of joy . Long time ago, at the beginning, the man where not even looking at the face of the women, he would take hold of her put her in the cow position and have an intercourse with her Then the woman disappeared for a while, coming back later on with her child, and a man start to clap the hands to signify that he recognize his own child .

This is a Multi Step Kriya, Choose the Step

Exercise 1

Seat with your spine straight and your hands at the level of the heart

Before this exercise please stretch all your body, your fingers, your jaws so that you will feel comfortable. Seat with your spine straight and your hands at the level of the heart, start to clap opening widely the arms and apply strength of 25 pound/square cm, but without touching the hands, they have to stop at about 5 centimetre. Do it fast, strongly, for 10 minutes. They call it the madman's clap. Clap with full force. Apply a total strength. You will be exhausted in one minute and an half. Harder you do it, better it is for your spine, you must sweat. That breath can purify your blood and your nervous system. If a person will practice this exercise once a week for two and an half hours, can have a control over his death by his own will. Get rid of all your diseases.

11 minutes

To conclude: inhale deep, tight your hands and squeeze your body.... exhale. Inhale deep again, hold, squeeze, squeeze the entire been and especially the spine., ....exhale. Inhale deep, squeeze... squeeze.... relax.

Exercise 2

Seat with your spine straight

Now bring your palms together at the center of your chest, like you are praying, Close your eyes and bring yourselves in the thoughtlessness. ... I was not, I am not, this is the way to conquer this....I was not, I am not, I shall not be and what shall be is the pure self of you. As soon as the purity starts working, poverty will go, prosperity will come in, and you will just be cleaned. ...No thoughts,... relate to nothing......whatever come say no. Silence, deny the thoughts....experience nothing,... experience Shoonya ... refuse to relate to a thought

9 minutes

Exercise 3

Sit in Easy Pose

Same position than before. play the tape GURU RAM DAS . ... Inhale, put the pressure on our palms, the same you would use to raise up your body.....and exhale. Repeat two more times. SAT NAM

6 minutes

A banana should be eaten after this Kriya. You need Potassium