In the near future people will go crazy because when consciousness changes they will change with it; some of them will match up with this change and some of them not. The Pisces Age was a time of search, the Aquarius it is a time TO JUST BE, it is about finding the Godship within yourself, the strength in your manner and in your grace; you are individuality, you are impersonality.

So far, men has been misled by the Church, by the Temple or by a Religion. Men is born innocent and he must develop intuition to find God. Men was totally used by Religion for economic, political and social purposes. This is why every Religion is controlled by the State like in England the Queen is the head of the Church and in Scandinavian is it the same, in Islam the Mula is in charge and in Buddhism the Lamas are also in charge. Men has never been in charge and the poor woman did even not exist. How come in this world a billion of women get circumcised against their own will, it is a butchery and women do not have any claim about it!

IT IS and IT IS NOT exist at the same time. When you will understand this science of IT IS and IT IS NOT automatically the unconsciousness gives you the intuition with which you can live well. It is a practical development of the human Self. In Yoga's science we called it PARTHA HAR and the most appropriate word in English is ZERO. If the ZERO is put on the right side is a plus, if it put it on the left side is a minus. The power of ZERO is that neutral Self through which intuition can guide you and you can learn to be you. Once you are you, the entire nature will help you. There is a conflict between the learned and the learning because everybody is learned and everybody has to learn the process of pain. The relationship between the teacher and the student is like the one between the chisel and the hammer meeting the stone: it creates a spark. This is not what a preacher does. For a preacher there are just philosophies.

In the next 20 years, by just pushing a button on in your watch you can get all the information of the Universe. Every person will be numbered and coded, there will not a place on this earth to hide anymore, you will be registered, you can be located in one thousand of a second by electro magnetic field search current. On the other hand there is another satisfaction that it comes with it, it is called the acknowledgment of the Self and this is the highest emotion

This is a Multi Step Kriya, Choose the Step

Exercise 1

Sit in Easy Pose

Connect Mercury and Ego/Id (thumb) fingers together: Thumb covers pinky’s nail. Put hands facing each other, in front of you, as in the picture. Make short circles from the elbows, very fast (3 circles per second and 180 per minute.), moving outwards. Breath with your nose and exhale through your mouth with full breath, You will shake like an earthquake. Be fast!

5 minutes

To conclude: Inhale deep...hold it...synchronize yourself...go backward of 60 degrees...tighten your muscles...put pressure on your spine...come forward...and relax (3 times.) This is a good exercise for arthritis.

Exercise 2

Sit in Easy Pose

Hands facing down, right over left, without touching, at diaphragm level, as in the picture. Make circles, as washing a table. Round and round, creating a magnetic field between hands. It is very electrifying. Move very fast (180 movements per minute). Breath through the rolled tongue (Sitali Pranayam). Very cooling, it can totally refresh you. Best for kidneys, wonderful for adrenals, and for urinary system, most helpful for pituitary gland. And for blood. This is a very powerful exercise because it can change your entire metabolism.

5 minutes

To conclude: Inhale deep... hold, make “shoulder’s block” <tighten up your shoulders back; close your shoulder blades; bring your chest forward and open it>; squeeze all your body...and exhale (3 times.)

Exercise 3

Sit in Easy Pose

Hands at heart level, facing down, extended fingers, put right hand over left one, as in the picture. Close your eyes, concentrate on your chin, entertain no thoughts at all! Use you self will, your self-esteem, your self-authority. When you are into this state, the subconscious’s does not act, and the unconscious gives you intuition: this is the end of the poverty and the begin of prosperity!

11 minutes

Inhale deep...hold, make a shoulder block (as before)... exhale forward (3 times). Relax. Sit in a relaxed way and listen Har Singh Nar Singh Har Narayan for 11 minutes. End up with 3 shoulder bocks.