We spend 17 billion of dollars every year on spiritual search and you do not get nothing out of it. And you never will. You are going to get something only when you do it for yourself, when you are going through the pain. You must understand that ALL THERE IS THERE IS NOT and THERE IS NOT IT HAS TO BE. THERE IS NOT has to be recognized because THERE IS. You do not want accept that you have ten bodies, not only the physical one. Your everything is sensual but everything you make is sexual; the pituitary gland is for sensual but you only do it sexually. Out of your unbalance you become doctors, businessmen, etc. Human being is the biggest joker, there is nothing real for him because he works with his senses, which are very limitated. The biggest sense is the NONSENSE. Life is an equilibrium, is a balance between TO HAVE and TO HAVE NOT, between TO BE and NOT TO BE. That sensitivity is called consciousness, wisdom, spirituality. Without intuition your are not human because you do not have impulse. Let try to break the complexity of our neurosis: GO... GO... GO... GO... HAVE... HAVE... HAVE... HAVE... UNSECURITY... FEAR...

This is a Multi Step Kriya, Choose the Step

Exercise 1

Sit in Easy Pose

Put your hands as in the picture, balance them. Relax, close your eyes and concentrate at your chin, the moon center. Do nothing, this will start to balance your brain, give up yourself temporarily for a good cause. Eliminate, by your mental authority, your own existence. You can go to a psychiatry or take drugs, but is within you that you have to find the balance between NOTHING and EVERYTHING. The moment you find this balance poverty ends and prosperity starts. If you move, the inflow will stop.

15 minutes

Exercise 2

Sit in Easy Pose

Same position. Inhale from your nose, and exhale through your mouth with a long and deep breathing.

5 minutes.

Exercise 3

Sit in Easy Pose

Keep the same position. Inhale deep...totally relax, no thoughts, breath in and out at your will. The first secret of prosperity is to have total control of NOTHINGNESS. You should be proud of yourself, not for helping out a philosophy but for helping out the experience. Concentrate and meditate on ZERO. If a thought comes to you do not receive it. SCIUNNIA... Empty yourself...

9 minutes

To conclude: Put your hands on your shoulders. Inhale...turn to the right...come back and exhale...Again...Inhale...turn to the left...put pressure on your spine and come back. Inhale deep...take your hands up and stretch your spine, your fingers are wide open and still, stretch more...more...more...and relax. SAT NAM