Radiant Body Kriya

“ClearingEnergizing Breath 3 MINUTES

Radiant Body Kriya - 1

Come sitting up. Close off the left nostril and begin long, slow, deep breathing through the right nostril. Make the breath slow, deep, and complete. We’re going to clear the nerve channels and then charge up the sun side. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Switch hands and switch nostrils and continue. 1 MINUTE. Switch nostrils again. Breath of fire now through the right nostril. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Inhale. And exhale.

Radiant Body Kriya - 2

Radiant Body Kriya - 3

Spine Flex 1 MINUTE

Come out of the position. Come on the knees and heels. Flex the spine, inhaling forward, exhaling back. If you need to, sit cross-legged. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Inhale up. Exhale.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 4

Sat Kriya 3 MINUTES

Stay on the knees and heels if you can, with the ankles together. We’ll do Sat Kriya. Hands are in a basket, with the index fingers up. Arms are up overhead. Apply root lock on SAT, release it on NAM. Let the breath regulate itself. Continue. 3 MINUTES. Inhale. Hold the breath. Apply Root Lock. Squeeze the muscles of the buttocks, lower back, middle back, upper back, shoulders. Stretch up. Squeeze the energy up. Exhale. Relax the arms down, with hands in your lap. Inhale. And exhale.

Radiant Body Kriya - 5

“Cow-Cat 2 MINUTES

Stay sitting as you are. Sit comfortably if you like. Rest a moment. Eyes are closed, focused at the brow point. Keep drawing the energy up to the brow point. Now come on to the hands and knees for cow-cat. Heels touch, and knees are a bit apart. Inhale cow, exhale and arch up into cat. Continue. 2 MINUTES. Inhale cow. And exhale. Come out of the position. Lie down flat on your back. Arms are flat at your sides, with palms up. Rest for a bit.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 6

Radiant Body Kriya - 7

“Plough Pose / Shoulder Stand 2 MINUTES

Prepare for plough pose now. If you have a neck problem continue resting. Legs together, point the toes, palms down. Inhale and raise the legs up and over the body. Keep the legs parallel to the ground unless you know you can easily touch your toes to the ground. Once in plough pose, begin slow, deep breathing. Support the back with your hands if you need to. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Now support the back if you can and come into shoulder stand. Legs up, point the toes to the ceiling. Hold the position and continue slow, deep breathing. 1 MINUTE. Continue. Inhale. Exhale. Legs back into plough pose. ”

“Inhale in plough pose and exhale, slowly lowering yourself back down. Once you’re down flat, inhale and then exhale. Rest a moment.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 8

Radiant Body Kriya - 9

“Locust Pose 2 MINUTES

Roll onto the stomach now. Flop right over. Come into locust pose. Bring the chin on the ground. Make the hands into fists and place them underneath the body in between the hip bones and the pubic bone. Legs are together. Lift the legs up as high as you can, keeping the knees relatively straight. Position your fists so you can get the maximum lift with the legs. Hold relatively straight. Position your fists so you can get the maximum lift with the legs. Hold this position and do breath of fire. Continue. 2 MINUTES. Inhale. Exhale down. Turn the head to the side. Have the arms by the sides. Rest just a moment.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 10

“Tiger Stretch 2 MINUTES

Push yourself up. Scoot around and face this way on the knees and heels. Have your hands on the ground next to the knees. Have the palms on the ground as far back as you can and at the same time stretch the left leg out behind you. Not too far back. I want the palms completely flat. I want you to hold the shoulders back, lift the chest out, and arch the head back. Do slow, deep breathing. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Switch legs. Chest high, head back. Continue. 1 MINUTE. Inhale. And exhale.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 11

“Archer Pose 4 MINUTES

Come out of the position and slowly come standing up. Let’s do archer pose now. Have the left foot forward, right leg back. Have two-thirds of your weight on the front foot. If you look over the left knee, the left foot should disappear. The left hand holds the bow; the right hand pulls the string back. Feel a stretch across the chest. The chin is over the left shoulder. Have the eyes open. Feel quite martial – get that bulls-eye in focus. Begin breath of fire. Continue. 2 MINUTES. Inhale. Exhale. Relax the arms down. Switch sides. Have two-thirds of your weight on the right foot. The right hand holds the bow; the left hand draws the string. Hold the position, with breath of fire. Continue. 2 MINUTES. Inhale. And exhale. Relax the arms down. Come sitting down.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 12Radiant Body Kriya - 13

Gobinda Meditation 11 MINUTES

We’re going to do a specific hand position: Take the middle finger and the ring finger of both hands. Curl these fingers. Place the second knuckles together. Cross the index fingers over the top and cross the little fingers over the bottom. Seal this all with the thumbs over the top. Hold this hand position tightly at the solar plexus. The mantra we’re going to chant is “Gobinda.” It means “sustainer.” We’ll chant it seven times in a rhythmic round. Emphasize the “Go” the first six times; on the seventh emphasize the “da.” You’ll really get into it as we do it. Don’t pause for breath between each round; keep the chant going. This is called Laya Yoga, which combines rhythm and sound. You’ll find it quite catchy. So, have the hands out in front of the body. Eyes are one-tenth open, nine-tenths closed, gazing at the tip of the nose, keeping both sides of the nose in equal view. Inhale deeply. Exhale. Really over-enunciate the sounds by moving the mouth. Inhale to begin. 11 MINUTES. Inhale. Close the eyes. Exhale. Inhale. And exhale. Relax the hands. Relax the breath.”

Radiant Body Kriya - 14

Deep Relaxation 3 TO 5 MINUTES

Moving slowly and smoothly, come out of the position. Straighten out the legs. Lie down flat on your back. Arms are by the sides, palms up. Eyes are gently closed. Breath is soft and normal. Continue. 3 MINUTES