Kundalini Yoga Venus Kriyas Rock Pose

Steps to follow:

1. Sit opposite your partner and begin with tuning in with the hands in prayer mudra (hands together before the chest), by chanting three times: “Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo” .

2. Then chant: “Aad Guray Namay, Jugat Guray Namay, Sat Guray Namay, Siri Guru Devay Namay” three times.

3. With hands still together, look into the eyes of your partner and bow your head in recognition of the God-consciousness in her or him.

4. When looking into each other’s eyes, project love and divine light. Project humbly: for example, “I am nothing, you are great.” This opens the heart to let love flow, the real love that Yogi Bhajan defines as “the experience of selflessness within oneself.” If no mantra is specified you may chose any loving thoughts or positive affirmations.

Venus Kriya Rock Pose:

Then sit on your heels (in Rock Pose) facing your partner, knees not touching your partners knees. Look into each other’s eyes without blinking. Project love and divine light. Hands are on knees.

Continue with normal breath for 1,5 minutes, applying Mula Bandha (pull up the rectum and sex organs and draw them up towards the navel point) throughout. Then do Breath of Fire for 1,5 minutes. (Originally given as 3 minutes each.)

When the time is up, inhale completely and apply Maha Bandha. (This is “the great lock” — Pull in on the chin, pull up the diaphragm, pull in the abdominal muscles, and pull up the rectum and sex organs.)

Exhale and once more pull Maha Bandha. Repeat the inhale-exhale with the locks twice, then relax.

Complete the exercise with steps 5 and 6.

5. Stretch up, twist from side to side, again bring hands together, look into the eyes of your partner, and say: “Thank you. Sat Nam”, (that is Truth is my Identity), and bow deeply before your partner.

6. Massage each other if you feel like it, and then relax completely.

*) updated August 21″ 2017