Kriya for Becoming Crystal Clear

1) Bring your arms straight out to the sides, parallel to the ground, with the palms facing forward. Begin alternately bringing your palms in as if to beat your chest, but do not touch your chest. Breath of Fire will automatically develop from the motion if you do it correctly and powerfully. Imagine that you are pulling pranic energy in with each motion of your hands. 6-1/2 minutes.


2) Bring your hands forcefully in as if to clap them in front of your face, but do not touch the hands together. Combine force and control in your movement. 2-1/2 minutes.




3) Move both hands up and down at the same time as if bouncing a ball with each hand. You are bouncing energy against the ground. Breath of Fire 30 seconds.




4) Lie down flat and put both hands against the Navel Point and press it hard. Raise the heels up 6 inches and hold. Think you are divine or feel sexy, but keep the heels six inches off the ground. 6-1/2 minutes.




5) Lie down and go to sleep. Imagine that your body is filled with light. Focus at your Navel Point. Listen to Naad, the Blessing by Sangeet Kaur. After 8 minutes begin to sing along using the power of the navel for another 7 minutes.