Karnee (Creativity) Kriya

“Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Bend the Sun (ring) and Mercury (pinkie) fingers and lock them down with your thumbs. Extend your Saturn (middle) and Jupiter (index) fingers. Touch the tips of the Jupiter fingers together and the tips of the Saturn fingers together, keeping the fingers as straight as possible.”

“Raise your elbows up to shoulder level so that the mudra is at chin level and the arms are parallel to the floor. Try to keep your eyes open if you can.

Inhale short, fast, and deep (2 or 3 second inhale). Hold the breath to your maximum (5 seconds or more). Mentally recite a mantra of your choice as the breath is held. Exhale slowly and completely (10 to 15 second exhale). Continue this breath pattern for 11 Minutes.

“You have to develop the sensitivity of the brain that lets you know the truth: the Unknown is known to me. The same sensitivity that is totality and Infinity in every unique human being and can only be achieved through discipline. Discipline of the consciousness is the acknowledgement of the spirit. All human difficulties can be eliminated once you have a harmony between conscious mind and subconscious mind toward the supreme conscious mind.. .Harmony between conscious and subconscious is a gateway to Infinity and that is the spirit we are talking about.”