Butterfly Kriya for Prosperity

POSTURE: Sit on your Heels

MUDRA: Bring the base of your palms and thumbs together, throat level, making a “V” with your hands. Open and close your palms without losing the connection of the base (like a butterfly) and your fingers touching when they close. Create a rhythm.

Continue for 11 minutes. Naturally you will create the sound HAR.

FOCUS: The focus is on the tip of the nose with the eyes closed.

TO FINISH: Inhale  in Gyan Mudra, your index finger pressed against your thumb.

In kundalini yoga, our hands, specifically our fingers, are linked with the brain. It’s why the different mudras and hand gestures we use in our practice are so transformative and can completely change our state of mind and being. So in Butterfly Kriya, we clap our hands together in a steady hypnotic rhythm to clear out the old dust motes floating – mostly unseen – in our subconscious mind. Try it – it’s a very satisfying movement, and the silent ‘har’ embodied in each clap, that syllable of divine creativity, begins to take precedence over the white noise created by those subconscious motes.

Here’s what Yogi Bhajan had to say about the kriya:

‘This is not something super spiritual, it’s just a purely physical exercise… Move it this way, it will create the sound Har. And in that sound you keep on correlating and correlating and correlating and mentally coordinating the sound with it. Synchronize mind, attention, action and perception. You will reach an experience where you will see all that garbage start floating through the subconscious.

‘Once you can develop that release, then you have something to clean. If subconscious only releases to you through dreams and through nightmares and through the daydream and the imagination and the speculation and through the projection, you don’t have a chance in your life to be you. Who are you saying you belong to? You belong to nobody. You belong to your daydreams; you belong to your night dreams; you belong to your fears; you belong to your thoughts, emotions and feelings. You have never belonged to you, because you is above all.