You will be surprised what this Kriya can do for you.

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Raise the hands up near the shoulders infront of the body. The palms face forward. With the right hand touch the thump tip to tthe tip of the little finger while keeping the other fingers extended and joined. With the left hand, touch the tip of the thump and the ring finger while keeping the other finger extended and joined.


Breath normally.

Ong Kar

11 Minutes

To begin the meditation, do nothing but concentrate on the hands and keep the finger straight. Breath normally. When you are sure that the mudra is correct, close the eyes and project a beam of light from between the eyebrows at the root of the nose.

When you are sure that the posture and the beam are correct, the third step is to rotate mentally the Mantra Ong Kar, at the heart center.

begin timing the practice of the meditation after the entire posture beam and Mantra are set. Contine for 11 minutes. If can work upto half an hour you will be surprised what it can do for you.