Eclipse Season’ 2020 starts on June 5th with a partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio-Jyeshta. The lunar eclipse will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Moon will appear darker and as though under a shadow.

This is in effect an especially intense Full Moon where your emotional needs are at odds with your need to shine – you want to get out and express yourself, and may forget your inner life and needs. The outside mood may be lively and outgoing, but there is an underlying mystery and secretiveness to this energy. You can bring business to completion and draw a line under the past: either adjusting to new conditions or moving on altogether and leaving old concerns behind.

In the process, an ambition which has outlived its use may be discarded, or separate from you in an organic way, so keep this in mind if an old attachment appears to be under threat.

 Jyeshta’s symbol is the Umbrella, so you may be concerned with security and protection, either your own or for family and loved ones. Trust your instincts, but it’s better to wait a couple of days at least before committing to a promise or big decision – the extra time is worth it. Eclipses are emotional events where your impulses and reactions are heightened, particularly in a dark and intense sign like Scorpio. They are not auspicious for new beginnings, business plans or travel, and it is also advised to avoid eating at for a couple of hours either side of the eclipse moment, or looking directly at the Moon, or even being outside at the time.

Meditation and spiritual work are excellently-rewarded however, and you can look forward to sharp insight and rapid progress. This Eclipse will be visible over Western Europe, most of Africa and north America, South America, The Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Ocean, all places where its effects are likely to be stronger.

We will harness the effects of this energy to gain more clarity and reveal the mysteries and expose our own truth to live to our full potential.


5st June 2020


19.30EST I 18.30CST I (+1) 5.00 IST

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Prakash Chegu

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Kundalini Yoga Instructor

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