If a person does not know what corruption is he cannot know what honesty is. I know corruption very well, but I also know honesty. When you come here to Yoga class it is to take a Yoga class not to do business: it is a moment of your life when we want to do something for our self. I run 14 corporations and I am a very strict businessman. Business is for a profit and I know its rules very well, but some of the business you do I cannot understand, they are behind my reach. I cannot deal with it. Business is done in an intelligent way to catch up an opportunity for profit and keep life busy. This why in my last 25 years I never depended in any of my student, no matter what. I gain my own bread, I pay my taxes and I am very independent person. I never spend a million on my person, I give it back to the Dharma: this my joy!

People give me a lot of things but this come with the territory and I do not get too fanatic about it. I have faced people personally and in the in the court of Law. Your problem is that you have everything and you are very unhappy. Happiness does not come with wealth, it does not by becoming a spiritual person, neither in medical power. This last one is very tempting power, I do not use it anymore to have control on people. It is a good thing to make people happy and to give them a better life, but it is not good to control or use them or to tell them certain unnecessary things. When you come to Yoga class you are my students, I do not initiate people, I never done and I never will. Once a person offered me 18 million of dollars and I said no because this is against my principle. I will never be a Guru for anybody, I am your friend.

Happiness comes when you have self-discipline, self-control and self-intuition, then you can do good things for others and be happy. Happiness is not to show off. I teach a formula and this is NOTHINGNESS!. Somebody's gain is automatically somebody's lost. Metal cannot be produced and cannot be destroyed it can only be changed in energy; and energy can be changed into metal. But if you can learn to loose and gain at the same time, then you reach a neutral zone called ECSTASY. It is very difficult to learn it. The first lesson you ever get in life is the rush of the spermatozoa to the egg, with the basic concept of: RUN TO GET IT. And the basic concept of the female is: COME AND GET ME, which is the call of the egg. You will never find peace because the egg will always call and the spermatozoon will always run. There is nothing wrong with man, it is only a question of hormones and secretion. The art of life is to be smart. You should be alert, self-conscious.

This is a Multi Step Kriya, Choose the Step

01 . 02 . 03 . 04

Exercise 1

Sit in Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh

Put your tongue out, make fists with of your hands and move them fast and simultaneously towards your own chest, without touching it. . Lion pose which means that you are in control of your nervous system.

Breathing has to be long, deep and full, through mouth. Now...Inhale...twist to the right...tighten your body...and exhale. Inhale...twist to the left...tighten your body...and exhale. Inhale, hold straight spine and try to elevate yourself from the floor (levitate), exhale.

5 minutes.

Exercise 2

Sit in Easy Pose

Put your hands in Magnetic Cup (Gyan Mudra, but touching finger pads). Your index finger -Jupiter- and your thumb , -the Ego- are locked together. Put your hands as in the picture. Move both hands at the same time, making short and fast circles, outwards, while you turn your spine slightly and slowly to the right and then to the left, creating an electromagnetic field (create magnetic circles with your hands). The switch changes the hemispheres

Move both hands at the same time, making short and fast circles, outwards, while you turn your spine slightly and slowly to the right and then to the left, creating an electromagnetic field (create magnetic circles with your hands). The switch changes the hemispheres. Look straight, breath in and out through your mouth, shoot the air out like a cannon. Create the relationship with Jupiter which brings money, hope, wisdom. Create a magnetic field. Your body has an infinite power it is not only about sleeping, eating and working. Balance your hemispheres. Your hands will feel heavy.

5 minutes.

To conclude: Inhale deep...arms as in the picture, hands facing your sides (extended wrist, flat palms) and push...tight, stretch... stretch... stretch... and relax. Inhale again...bring your arms up and push the ceiling with your hands... push tight... relax. Inhale, bring your arms in front of you, hold, press tight, stretch... relax.

Exercise 3

Sit in Easy Pose

Interlock your fingers, just half their length, as in the picture (it is not Venus lock)- Bring your arms above your head, palms facing down and bring them above your head with your arms stretched up. Close your eyes and whistle the American hymn.

5 minutes.

To conclude: inhale deep through your nose, hold it...and whistle it out.. OUT. Hold the breath out. Whistle it in...hold it in...whistle it out...hold it out... Whistle it in... and relax.

Exercise 4 - Meditation

Sit in Buddha Pose

Put your fingers flat together in the BUDDHA position, seat and relax, your eyes are slightly open and look at the tip of your nose. Think of nothing I AM I AM NOT. GOD IS GOD IS NOT. REAL IS NOT REAL. Use your intuition to experience it, so that the spell of Maya, in which hypnotically you move, can be broken. Create a vacuum space within yourself, it is very important for you to see both sides of life. Those classes are very special for me they must be the same for you. Drop every feeling and emotion, become totally impersonal. Practice SCIUNNIA.

11 minutes.