What It Will Do for You?

Regular practice of this Kriya helps prevent Heart Attacks. It is a very powerful aid to longer life.

With a straight spine, sit with the left heel at the perineum (at the back between the buttocks).

The right knee is at the chest, with the right foot flat on the floor. Forearms are parrallel to the floor, right palm resting on top of the left hand. Both hands are flat; tips of the thumbs are touching. The eyes are only 1/5 open. Look down as deeply as possible. Completely inhale in 4 equal sniffs. Exhale completely in 4 equal parts. (This is called broken breath.). You may use any mantra you wish with the breath. A good one is "ONG ONG ONG ONG". Repeated mentally on the inhale and "SOHUNG SOHUNG SOHUNG SOHUNG" repeated mentally on the exhale

Continue for 7-31 minutes. Adding 5 minutes for each week of practice, you may work up to 31 minutes.

The 4-fold breath stimulates the center where the IDA, the PINGALA and the SUSHUMNA meet. It assists in absorption of oxygen into the lungs and purifies the blood. As the exhale is 25-30 % greater than usual, old toxins are forced out into the bloodstream. The pressure of the right knee on the liver helps balance the liver and spleen. The Mudra stimulates and regulates the interaction of the pancreas, adrenals, and kidneys. Stimulation of the perineum balances the sexual glands.