Art of Shuniya

Art of Shuniya
10:00AM November 16, 2019 to 06:00PM November 17, 2019
Dharam saal, Dharamsaal, Tallinn, Estonia

'Shuniya', the 'zero point of consciousness' –
the blissful experience of deep, unlimited Silence.

Shuniya, the deep meditative state that is the centerpoint, the stillness, the zero, the nothing, the calm and the peace within. Through meditation, we can train our minds into this state of consciousness, we can reach that still point where we merge with the Infinite and create our own expansive reality.

In this workshop, you will explore meditation from a completely new point of view. Going beyond the familiar forms that limit our perception we can stabilize a state of Shuniya in ourselves that allows us to perceive reality as it is.


Prakash Chegu.

is a KRI Kundalini Yoga Instructor. He has a unique ability to combine two different fields and harness the benefits of both. He is an Engineering graduate and a conscious entrepreneur. Growing up in India with a traditional family, he was exposed to Mantras, Chants, Yoga at a very early age. As the approach of adolescence the keen curious mind leaned more towards only the tangible scientific belief and it was not until several years later, the same curiosity led him to Quantum Mechanics which inadvertently led him to Meditation, Chanting and ultimately back to Kundalini Yoga. He is very passionate and wanted to become a teacher to quelch his own personal desire to immerse himself in the depths of this Raja Yoga.

When Prakash Chegu is not practicing Yoga, you can find him traveling, for business and/or pleasure, dancing Argentine Tango, practicing Sat Nam Rasayan, Ayurvedic Cooking, Farming, Rock Climbing or Volunteering.




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